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Enjoy Australian Wagyu Tomahawk Steak at Competitive Price!

Australian Wagyu Tomahawk steak, The shining star of the steak world. It is a shining star by all aspects such as appearance, texture, and taste. It is an extended version of Rib Eye steak with the bone left in. At first glance, you might think it as a hammer or throwing ax from Flintstone cartoons due to its appearance or cut. The extended rib bone gives it a dramatic appearance, and it grabs your attention at first sight. The actual reason behind its name is the same unique style cut with extended bone. It is a highly prized steak, and you can find it only at fine dining places and high-end restaurants.

For those folks who like to eat other steak cuts such as the Porterhouse and T-bone, the good news is that Tomahawk shares the same primary muscle as these two, so you are guaranteed much of the same flavor and texture.

What Is the Australian Wagyu?

Australian Wagyu meat is more marbled and tastier due to these cattle are grass-fed. Natural grazing and climate all make Australian Wagyu beef naturally different from other Wagyu in terms of taste and texture. Many people confuse Japanese Wagyu with Austrian Wagyu; that is not the right thing. Both are different in terms of taste, texture, and even size/ weight.

Why Kay's Wagyu Tomahawk Steak Is So Special ?

If you are looking for first-class Australian Wagyu Tomahawk, then you must visit Kay's steak and lobster restaurant in KL. They are serving the town with world-class quality steaks.

Here I'm going to share some secrets that make Kay's Tomahawk steak so unique.

  • The first and apparent reason is that they use Australian Wagyu meat to cut Tomahawk steak.

  • They have experienced chefs who know well how to make Kay's style Australian Wagyu Tomahawk steak. Trust me; it tastes out of this world.

  • the Australian Wagyu Tomahawk steak is tender and riddled with lip-smacking marbling that gives Wagyu beef its buttery texture and distinctive flavor.

  • They serve steaks with creamy mashed potatoes and chef's special salad. You can also order their homemade sauce, which is absolutely delicious.

  • They do not use any preservatives or any haram ingredient in their sauces and food. Feel free to dine there as all vendors and suppliers supply halal food items.

  • Although Tomahawk steak is a pricey steak, but you can enjoy it at a competitive price at kays steak and lobster restaurant. What else can you demand from a first-class restaurant?

Friendly Advice

If you are suffering from fever and any other health issue, then avoid visiting the restaurant in the present scenario of COVID-19. They are only entertaining reservations, so do not forget to reserve your table before visiting to avoid any inconvenience. Table reservation method is straightforward; just visit the website and click the option reservation. Follow the method and reserve your table. I hope you will follow my little advice and enjoy your Australian Wagyu Tomahawk steak at Kay's Steak and Lobster Restaurant. one more thing, you can self-pick the order or avail the home delivery option by practicing social distancing.


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