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Talking about ordering and eating steaks, it reminded us of a cute couple who had visited Kay’s Steak & Lobster earlier this year. Before sharing this story with you, try to recall the experience of your first date in any steakhouse in Kuala Lumpur.

How well did it go? Have you ever experienced any painfully awkward moments in a restaurant in front of your date? Oops… Don’t make the same mis-steak.

Steak-y Story In Our Restaurant | Raising The Steaks

It was your typical Valentine's Day night, where all couples come together for this special day. But, there will always be that one person who is totally nervous for his date even after days of planning.

In order to surprise that special someone with a romantic date night, the boyfriend had checked every item on the list just like how everyone else would. He called us up for further inquiries and made an earlier reservation before bringing his date over to avoid a long wait. How sweet he was for making plans beforehand!

Finally, the red-letter day had arrived. He stepped in our restaurant on time with her in his arms, looking sweet and matchy. As they were seated, our server instantly approached them with the menu.

“Hi, what’s today’s special?” Confidently, he asked.

Being recommended with our selection of prime steak, the guy seemed overwhelmed and appeared puzzled over the different types of steak cuts on our menu. His darting eyes uncovered his inner anxiety and embarrassment as if he was looking for escape routes from talking to his girl.

A strange tension filled the air.

We bet that it was his first time ordering steaks as he was kind of freaked out. What made it worse was that his date was looking at him, waiting for him to speak a proper word. Fortunately, our server stepped in to assist. Surely, if you would like to avoid this, check these ordering tips out to impress your date.

The Best Way To Order A Steak In A Restaurant

  1. Learn about the different types of steak cuts

  2. Know the temperature you want your steak to be cooked

  3. Ask for the available weight

  4. Order with confidence

Watching him come unprepared precipiced us for his date night. Well, he proceeded quite well while waiting for the food to be served. Giggles and chuckles could be heard from time to time from his table.

Another great thing to highlight was that he upheld the steak-eating etiquettes. He even led her through the way gently.

Let’s Explore The Way He Savoured Our Prime Steaks

  1. Give the steak a good sniff

  2. Place your first cut right in the middle of the steak

  3. Eat the fat as it is the flavour

  4. Cut against the grain for a tender and mouthful of meat

  5. Forget about fork and knife, eat what’s left on the bone by picking the bone up

Hence, beefing up your steakhouse skills before inviting your date to a steakhouse is essential. Perhaps, practice it in a less formal setting like Kay’s so that you do not have to worry about committing any social faux pas.

Wait no more, another romantic season is coming! Immerse in this jolly, merry, festive reverie with your special someone at Kay’s Steak & Lobster Kuala Lumpur. Make your reservation now.


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