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Updated: Feb 24

Has this prime cut of steak tempted your taste buds yet?

Hailing from the food paradise in Asia, Malaysians grow up enjoying the taste of heaven. Thus, to sate Malaysians’ discerning palates, the cooks must ensure that their creations and inventive cooking really stand out. Offering the best steak in KL, Kay’s Steak & Lobster has the menu meticulously crafted by our chefs.

Featuring The Most Popular Cuts of Prime Steak

Showcasing sirloin, rump, ribeye, porterhouse and Tomahawk, each cut has its individual flavour and taste. Offering you the best quality steak available among restaurants in KL, you can't get any fresher than this.

Originated from Australia, Japanese and the USA, our products line up from the farm to your plate. You're probably holding your saliva back by just looking at how delicate the meat looks. What a gourmet meal one of the best steak places in KL can offer for your date nights!

Do you know which part of beef is this?

(If you guess it right, you’re a gourmet food snob)

If you are a steak newbie, no worries as we’ve rounded up some steak information for you. Take a shot by visiting your favourite local halal steak restaurant and ordering up! You won’t regret having our delicious steak that would leave you the wow factor as you walk out of the restaurant.

1. Ribeye

The Ribeye cut is from the back spine area of the cow. When cooked, it is mainly sweet and savoury just like your date night. Highly marbled, the rib eye steak consists of a large swath of fats that gives a very strong beefy flavour but yet soft texture as you chew upon it.

2. Porterhouse

Also known as the T-bone, it features a bone strip with sirloin and tenderloin meats. It is cut from the muscular part of a cow, hence having low-fat concentration. Suitable for steak starters, the meat is comparably subtle for its taste.

3. Tomahawk

Big and bold in flavour, Tomahawk steak is one of the fast becoming cuts of steaks. A sophisticated, upscale variety, this prime steak with the long bone gives a rich and buttery smack. Resembling a single-handed axe, its unique shape commands attention while the extra bone attached adds a depth and complexity to the lingering beefy aftertaste.

4. Sirloin

Sitting at the upper middle of the cow, sirloin steak has the perfect fat and tenderness balance. Lean, tender and juicy, sirloin is a good source of protein and is relatively lower in calories compared to the non-lean cuts.

5. Rump

Rump is another classic cut of steak. Cut from the backside of the cow, rump steaks offer a deep, mineral savouriness. Low in fat, this cut of steak comes from a heavily exercised muscle during its animal life. If you’re looking a marginally more chewy cut, give rump steaks a try.

Choosing the right prime steak

Every cut has its own uniqueness. While everyone has a different taste, finding the right steak for yourself means looking for the perfect balance of muscle and fat according to your taste. So, no worries about others and be yourself.

Let Kay’s Steak & Lobster Restaurant be your first stop. Indulge yourself in a meat feast as you dine in with style to our various halal steaks available in our menu.


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