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Why Are Kay's Boston Bites Getting So Hype?

Boston bites, from a name you cannot get the exact idea what it is actually? Let me tell you in simple words that sub dishes like lobster thermidor, lobster garlic butter, lobster lemon Aioli, and lobster roll come under the umbrella of Boston bites in Kay's menu. If you are a true lobster fan, then try Boston bites by Kay's steak and lobster restaurant. These lobster dishes are so satisfying for taste buds of any lobster freak.

What's Special in Kay's Boston Bites

the variety of lobster dishes makes Boston bite so special.

  • Lobster Thermidor

It is creamy, cheesy, and presented in the shell. It is not only a delight for the taste buds but also for sight. It is prepared with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, smoked paprika, and herbs. It is presented with fat chips and chef salad. Overall, it is a complete package of taste and presentation.

  • Lobster Garlic Butter

The broiled lobster meat is crazy tender, and juicy. Each bite of lobster meat is tantalizingly flavourful, especially after dipping into the chef's special warm garlic butter dip. Dunk your lobster meat bite in it, take it for a swim, put it in the mouth, and enjoy it.

  • Lobster Lemon Aioli

Lobster and lemon Aioli are a deadly combination. They bake lobsters with lemon and some secret herbs, and the result is just awesome. This mouth-watering lobster lemon Aioli is the new addition in the Boston bites.

  • Lobster Rolls

I never thought of eating the lobster in this way, and trust me, these lobster rolls are exceptional. Lobster meat, Japanese mayo, herbs, and celery are the few ingredients of lobster rolls. Lobster meat is tossed with mayo and herbs and served with toasted buns. Fat chips and special chef salad combine well with lobster rolls and make it heartier.

Some Essential Things to Remember

  • If you are allergic to seafood. Or any of shellfish, then Boston bites is not your cup of tea. So, do not dare to order any lobster dish. There are several other delicious options, and you can go for them.

  • If you are taking certain medicines, then do take them immediately after having a lobster meal or any lobster dish.

  • Do not forget to reserve your table due to the corona pandemic. If you do not get a table at the reservation, then do not lose hope. Click the waiting list option, and they will inform you soon.

  • If you want to maintain social distancing, then you can self-pick or ask for home delivery of your favorite dish.

The Warp- Up

in my opinion, Boston bites are worth trying for all lobster enthusiastic. Although I'm a lobster meat fan, but can't resist Boston bites, especially lobster thermidor and lobster rolls. I also like the chef's special salad and sauce. Plan a visit to Kay's steak and lobster restaurants, but don't forget to follow the guidelines mentioned above to avoid future inconvenience and as a safety measure.


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