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Why Kay's Grilled Prawns Are Best as Appetizers?

I have never been a great fan of appetizers, and I love to jump straightforwardly towards the main course. Once I visited Kay's steak and lobster restaurant with few of my friends, they ordered grilled prawns as an appetizer. I was a bit reluctant to taste it, but my friends kept insisting me to take at least one bite. I put one prawn in my plate unwillingly and took one small bite. Trust me, guys, the taste was so divine, that I could not resist taking another.

What Is an Appetizer?

Appetizers are also known as starters. These are the small portion of food or drink, which is served just before the main course or meal to increase your appetite or tantalize your taste buds to crave more food. Different restaurants present different food items as appetizers and charge for them differently. Usually, these appetizers are closely linked with the main course.

Why Kays' Grilled Prawns Are Best as Appetizers?

Do you understand the qualities of a tasty appetizer? Let me tell you that a good appetizer must have the following qualities.

  • It should be appealing as taste-wise and look wise.

  • A tasty appetizer should not hard on eating.

  • It should be light on the stomach and increase your appetite, and I'm pleased to inform you that Kay's grilled prawns as an appetizer are perfect as they endorse all the qualities as mentioned earlier.

Grilled Prawns Are Healthy

Grilled prawns are a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Grilled prawns don't elevate your cholesterol levels. Kays restaurant loves to use quality ingredients, and these prawns are sustainable farm prawns.

They Are Served with Lip-Smacking Dips

These grilled prawns are served with two lip-smacking dips of your choice

Lemon Aioli

Trust me guys, I never heard or tasted the lemon aioli before visiting the Kay's. This is a delicate dip originated from France and now available at your Kay's steak and lobster. Some people confused Aioli with mayonnaise, but it is far different in taste and texture from myo. Lemon aioli pairs well with grilled prawns.

Hilmie's Red Hot & Spicy

You can ask them to serve your grilled prawns with Hilmie's Red Hot & Spicy instead of lemon Aioli. Hilmi's Red Hot & Spicy is the best choice if you want to make your prawns spicier. It has the perfect zing of tomatoes and red hot chillies.

The Bottom Line

Kay's grilled prawns are ideal as an appetizer as they are aesthetic, healthy, and light on the stomach. If you want to enjoy these grilled prawns, then you can visit the restaurant. The good news is that you can also enjoy these prawns at your home by asking for home delivery or availing self-pick services.

For home delivery, visit their website and follow the few easy steps to get your order done. If you want to enjoy these grilled prawns in the restaurant's particular ambiance, then don't forget to reserve your table by visiting the website. All necessary details regarding time, availability, food, and price information are available on their website.


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