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How to Find Halal Steak House in Kuala Lumpur: A Complete Guide

Updated: Oct 15

Some foods naturally whip up your appetite, and definitely, steak is one of them. Different meats and cooking techniques are used to make quality steaks. There are numerous options in Kuala Lumpur where you can find the steaks as they offer a selection of premium cuts. The question is that are these restaurants halal or not?

Although Malaysia is a Muslim country but Searching and choosing the halal steakhouse in KL is a real dilemma for the foreigner Muslims travelers and foodies. Here is an easy guide which can help you to search a halal steakhouse

Check for Certification Halal food certification or logo is the easiest way to check either the steak house is halal or not. This certification is a kind of security and assurance for halal ingredients and hygiene. If you are unable to find halal food served logo or certification, you can ask form the counterperson or cashier. Only a chain of restaurants or big hotels go for certification.

Is the Owner Muslim? The second rule of thumb is to check the ownership of those particular eateries for halal food availability. Usually, we assume that if the owner and employees are Muslim, then serve food will halal. Remember one thing some well-known hotels/ steakhouses cannot get the halal food certification even though they provide halal food because they also server alcohol.

Observe the Customers And Interior Some steak houses, restaurants, or other eateries might not have the certification while still selling “halal” foods. At that point, you can observe the crowd of customers; if you feel the customers are mostly Muslims and interior also have Islamic touch, then the restaurant must be serving halal food.

Check Halal Malaysian Portal Halal Malaysian portal can help you to find the best halal steak house. If you couldn’t find the restaurant or steak house name, in that portal, it doesn’t mean the restaurant isn’t serving halal food. It just means they didn’t apply for the halal certificate or maybe inline. It is not easy to get halal food certificate in Malaysia.

Ask Questions from Management There are few questions which you can ask from employees, management, and anybody who works in the restaurant/ steakhouse. These questions can help you to decide whether the served food is halal or not. Are the employees/ chef Muslims? Do they use any halal or non-halal ingredients?

The Bottom Line If you are a traveler, vlogger, foodie, or even a local resident but looking for the best halal steak house in kL, then don’t need to worry at all. You can search halal steak house according to our abovementioned guidelines or visit kay’s steak and lobster restaurant. Our steaks are juicy, tender, and loaded with flavor. All steaks are made with halal meat and served with a choice of either creamy potato wedges/ sautéed vegetables. The staff is co-operative, responsive, and extremely amiable. The ambiance of the restaurant nails it as one of the most excellent places to have a steak.


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