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Japanese Wagyu Is Ultimate Choice for Tomahawk Steaks

Tomahawk wagyu steaks are one of the delicious and finest steaks around the globe. The aroma, taste, texture, presentation, everything about them is just incredible. If you are true steak lover, then you must have tried the tomahawk steak, but ever you have tasted the tomahawk wagyu steak? If the answer to this question is no, later you will regret yourself. Your taste buds are still oblivious to the best taste of the world.

Kay's steak and lobster allow you to enchant your taste buds with tomahawk steak made from Japanese wagyu.

Why Japanese Wagyu Is Favorite for Steaks? A Japanese wagyu is a famous cattle breed for beef. The literary meaning of wagyu is a Japanese cow ('WA' means Japanese and 'gyu' means the cow). Wagyu are initially draft animals which are used in agriculture. They are selected and a favorite for their physical appearance and endurance. This selection favored animals having more intra-muscular fat cells. These extra fat cells provide a marbling effect. Modern Japanese Wagyu cattle are the result of the crossing breeding of the native cattle in Japan with imported breeds.

The production of Wagyu beef in Japan is highly regulated, and offspring testing is mandatory for better quality. Only the best cattle with the best genetics are kept for farther breeding. All these factors make Japanese wagyu meat so expensive.

Why Our Tomahawk Wagyu Steaks Are Best? A Tomahawk wagyu is a steak with the bone left in for the presentations. The meat is the same as the Rib Eye / Entrecote cut from the rib part of the cattle. Our Tomahawk steaks are extraordinarily marbled, with a large chunk of fat in the middle. This marbled fat melts nicely when grilled and helps the steak to retain its lush appearance. Tomahawk is one of the richest and most flavorful cuts of the wagyu. If you never tasted our steaks, then imagine the beefed-up texture and robust flavor of a Wagyu.

You must be drooling by now; if not, then have a look at the pictures of Japanese wagyu tomahawk steaks. Our Wagyu Tomahawk steaks are always made from halal meat and ingredients. You can find a different side or complementary dishes with our steaks. There is a vast assortment of complement dishes to choose from the menu. Final Words We are the exclusive destination for all the tomahawks wagyu steak lovers. We believe in delivering exceptional quality food with a divine taste. Don't waste time and money by roaming in the town in search of best steaks. Various restaurants claim to serve steaks made from Japanese wagyu, but on visiting and tasting, you come to know that these are all false claims.

We assure you about the fantastic quality and reliability of our claims. Defiantly you will not regret your decision of choosing us as your food destination. Come alone or come with family or friends, every time you will find the same taste and excellent customer services. Please hurry up and book your table before it gets too late.


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