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How to Find the Juiciest Steak and Lobster in KL?

If you are a meat and seafood lover at the same time, then lobster and steak meals are one of your favorites .marbled steak and classic lobsters make a perfect combination to satisfy your meat and seafood craving at the same time. It is a healthy, nutritious, and flavorful blend of meats.

If you are looking for the juiciest steak and lobster, only Kay's steak and lobster can provide you with the juiciest steak and lobster in the town. It is a peaceful steak house situated in the neighborhood of Putra heights. When you want to enjoy something fancy with family and friends in a peaceful environment, then your exclusive food destination should be Kay's steak and lobster restaurant.


Here I'm going to share a few general tips that can help you find the juiciest steak and lobster whenever you visit a steak house in KL.

Read menu carefully, especially.

  • Recipe descriptions to get to know about the ingredients/ spices and herbs, then place an order according to preferences.

  • Try to choose a steak with less fat, and you can ask the management about the cooking technique/ method. The cooking technique is Very important to intact the flavors, color, and nutrients. Some steaks are drenched in high fat or butter and without any flavor.

  • Must ask the cut of steak if there is no mention of the cut. Steak cuts also matter in taste and even affect the price.

  • How they get their lobster? Is their lobster fresh or frozen?

  • When your order arrived, then you should notice the smell. Your steak and lobster should smell nice and divine. Smell or odor tells about the freshness of ingredients. It also tells us your order prepared fresh. if it smells unpleasant, then there must be stale ingredients or the recipe is overcooked

  • Appearance and presentation must be appealing. Your lobster must be properly cooked. Steak's color must be according to order (rare, medium, and medium-rare). A properly cooked steak has a beautifully appealing color.

What Is Special in Kay's Steak and Lobster?

  • Kays steak and lobster are the juiciest and flavorful.

  • They are prepared with fresh ingredients and spices.

  • All ingredients are halal, so you need to bother about whether meat or ingredients halal or not.

  • A large variety of steaks (cuts) (marbled meat of Australian wagyu).

  • Food is prepared as per your order/ requirements.

Keep in Mind

  • If you are with family or a bunch of friends and anyone of them has a seafood allergy, then must tell the steak house administration before placing an order. Lobsters may cause them harm.

  • Reserve or book your table before visiting the restaurant to enjoy the quality services and premium food.

  • For more details regarding the menu, price, and reservation, visit their website and Facebook page. You can read satisfied customer reviews and comments on their Facebook and Instagram.


Kay's Steak & Lobster

12A-G Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6B

Putra Heights 47650

Subang Jaya Selangor



Weekdays: 5pm - 10pm

Sat & Sun: 1pm - 10pm

Last Order: 9:30pm


Weekdays: 6pm - 9pm

Sat & Sun: 1pm - 9pm

03 - 5887 1081


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