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Two New Additions in The Menu - Lobster Omelette and Fig Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is the Italian salad you probably find it at mainstream Italian restaurants. Nowadays, many fancy restaurants are also including in their salads menus like Kay's steak and lobster restaurant. This is one of the tasty appetizers or side dishes on the menu, which you may want to order every time. It is also my personal favorite.

What Is Special In Kay's Fig Caprese Salad?

It is an Italian appetizer, but you can now enjoy it in Kay's steak and lobster restaurant. It is beautifully presented with alternating fig slices and mozzarella cheese slices. It is also garnished with fresh basil leaves. These Basil leaves give it a more fresh look.

The salad dressing is made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, Italian herbs, and a small salt and pepper sprinkling. Cheese and figs make a celestial combination.

Caprese salad is a very light dish. You can take it as an appetizer, usually proceeding the main meal or as a snack during the day.

How to Pronounce Caprese Salad?

Caprese salad, how do you pronounce? Like many others, you may pronounce it wrong. You can't pronounce it exactly how Italian people pronounce it. People with an American accent like to pronounce it as "Kuh-prey-sey while some people like to say it as "Kah-pray-zee and rest of things up to you------- pronounce it as you like or convenient.

Lobster Omelette

This is another interesting addition to Kay's menu. In my opinion, the best way to eat your lobster is to incorporate it in an omelette, and you may agree or disagree with my opinion.

What's Special In Kay's Lobster Omelette?

It is made with all fresh ingredients and spices. I also want to tell you it smells and looks so divine. At first glance, you can't tell straightforwardly that it is an omelette. Its slight yellow color is so appealing, and it smells so nice. When you take a bite of this divine complete, you can taste eggs, cheese and chew lobster chunks. It is soft and melts in the mouth.

Let me tell you one more thing this lobster omelette is served with lobster bisque. Lobster bisque makes it juicy, tender, and more flavorful. It is a nutritious appetizer as lobsters are enriched with vitamin A, iron, and calcium. Moreover, eggs are a great source of protein and other nutrients. I love to take it as a snack also due to its filling and healthy ingredients.

Final Words

Both the appetizers (Lobster Omelette and Fig Caprese Salad) are great, tasty, and flavor full. If you want to enjoy them, then you have to visit Kay's Steak & Lobster restaurant. Peaceful ambiance, premium food, and quality services make it a unique restaurant among all local restaurants. Reserve your table today and enjoy the large variety of steaks and other fine dishes.

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