Irresistible Fresh Lobster In Kay's Steak & Lobster Restaurant

Updated: Feb 17

Have you ever found yourself savouring lobster even in your dream? It’s no joke but positively symbolises that you’re taking a complete charge of y our own life, being your own king. If you haven’t been able to enjoy that in real life, your mind is subconsciously signalling you that it’s time to take the leap.

But first, materialise that heaven in your mouth by indulging in a sweet and plump lobster at Kay’s Steak & Lobster Restaurant Malaysia!

Pure Indulgence With The Luxurious Lobster Dishes

Kay’s Steak & Lobster Restaurant, as the name suggests, visions to offer you a surf and turf fusion dining experience. Delve into our lobster menu and gorge yourself on one of the most popular and beloved crustaceans of all time. Aiming to be at a level above of the rest, Kay’s has the lobsters freshly air-flown from the US, twice a week. Hence, we are able to ensure the quality and freshness of each lobster.

Stunning Lobster Thermidor For Your Special Occasion

Our mainstay is certainly the fresh live Boston lobsters, prepared a la Thermidor. This classic French dish hogs the limelight as it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ambrosial. Cooked with creamy egg yolks, parmesan, cheddar and smoked paprika, its delicious succulent white meats become rich in flavour and springy in sensation.

Feast your eyes on this gigantic, macho-looking lobster and try to slice into the flesh while it’s molten hot. Dipping the lobster flesh into the caramelized butter sauce creates a mild but lasting aftertaste. Followed by salivation and a sensation of furriness on the tongue that instantly stimulate your throat, the roof, and the back of your mouth. Has it made you drool yet? Not a fan of cheese? Lobster Garlic Butter beckons you with the best alternative way to indulge in a decadent lobster dish. The lobster flesh is broiled beneath a gorgeous layer of garlic butter till juicy perfection. Each element complements the other so well that the flesh is tremendously tender and flavourful, especially after dipping into the butter sauce.

Satisfy and nourish your eyes as you pull that big chunk of flesh out of the shell. Dunk the flesh into the butter sauce and take it for a swim. Voila, you’re ready to enjoy it flavourful! Please yourself with sophisticated palates while you pair it with a side of fat chips and Chef’s salad.

Feeling A Little Shellfish Tonight? Grab Our Lobster Roll

Served with a side of fat chips, the Classic Lobster Roll is made with a generous portion.

Griddled and toasted, the split-top bun absorbs the butter and gets crispy on the sides. Mounding it with a great amount of lobster salad in Japanese mayo simply delivers you the elegant indulgence. Expect a satisfying burst of flavours and texture in every bite as if you’re brought to its place of origin, New England!

Surprise Your Tastebuds With The Rich Tang Of Lobster Bisque

If you’re looking for some warm and creamy soup, our Lobster Bisque is a must-try! As it absorbs the essence of the whole lobster, it guarantees a nutrient-dense full-bodied bisque. Savour the sweetness of the lobster and leave a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.

However, every good thing comes with a price. Lobsters, which was once known as a poor man’s meal due to its overabundance in North America, has earned its lavish status among the crustaceans, and thus the premium price tag today. Let yourself splurge once in a while to get what you yearn in your hungry daydream.

Having a big date coming up? Then, there’s no reason to skip an extravagant lobster feast. Reserve a table and get confirmed before dropping by to leave a good impression on your date. Do note that Kay’s Steak & Lobster Restaurant Malaysia is always crowded and packed!


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