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Authentic Maine Lobster Roll To Start Your 2020 The Posh Way

It’s the time of the year again to sit down together around a table with your family, lover, and friends to break bread together. Much more than what’s on our plates, food forges relationship and elicits laughter.

But, what more could one ask for if we’re talking about lobsters? Love lobster but the idea of de-shelling holds you back? Skip the mess and head straight for our Classic Lobster Roll.

Lobster Roll As The Fast-Casual Option

Once confined to fine dining, lobster has successfully made its way to a quick-served setting. While an oven-broiled lobster can cost as much as a steak dinner, lobster rolls are the more affordable alternative to savour lobster. But at RM75 each (as of January 2020), they are still a big-ticket item in the fast-casual menus.

Primarily stuffed with the juicy and succulent lobster meat, a lobster roll typically comes in one of two classic serving styles: Maine lobster roll and Connecticut lobster roll. The preparation of these New England inventions involves different temperatures and condiments. Let’s delve into the differences between these two.

The Great Battle: Maine Style Vs Connecticut Style

With each having ardent supporters and equally passionate detractors, is there a clear winner in this great battle?

Maine Lobster Rolls

🗹 Served cold

🗹 Lobster meat tossed with mayonnaise

If it’s served cold, it’s a Maine version lobster roll.

In order to retain its natural salinity, an authentic Maine lobster roll uses chilled lobster meat. Gently seasoned with salt and dressed in a delicate coating of mayonnaise, the fresh lobster meat is given a blush hue and a creaminess that no one could ever resist.

Not your typical hot dog roll, the lobster meat is piled into a warm buttered “New England” or “Frankfurter” roll. Lightly griddled and toasted, the sides are baked to be flat and crispy.

Partial to cool chunks of lobster meat folded in a thin layer of Japanese mayo? Take a bite of Kay’s lobster roll served with a brioche bun and expect a satisfying burst of flavours and texture in every bite. You would without a doubt, get addicted to this refreshing and scrumptious Maine lobster roll.

Connecticut Lobster Rolls

🗹 Served warm

🗹 Lobster meat coated in clarified butter

Instead of mayonnaise, a Connecticut lobster roll has a hot lobster filling sauteed with clarified butter on a roll. The lobster flesh usually appears redder than the Maine version due to two major reasons. One being the lobster meat used in Connecticut lobster roll is warmed up, another being the fact that mayonnaise is in place with butter.

Served on a top-sliced New England-style bun, it is comparably easier to make a Connecticut lobster roll. Hence, you would find that many would rather DIY it at home, instead.


While both leave an indelible impression, selecting the winner between Maine and Connecticut lobster rolls really comes down to personal preferences. Ask anyone and you would likely receive a different answer.

Instead of comparing these two distinct styles, you should, perhaps, explore in the question of who has the best lobster roll. Having no one in mind yet? Sink your teeth into the freshest, sweetest, and most succulent lobster rolls served in Kay’s Steak and Lobster. Our Classic Lobster Roll will definitely fix your lobster craving and get you all geared up for this New Year!


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