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Lobster Thermidor | Delectable Boston Bites Served In KL

Are you feeling the itch to eat good food?

It’s finally the payday and lucky for you, we have an exclusive menu for you! Serving fresh Boston lobsters air-flown from the United States twice a week, Kay’s Steak & Lobster is definitely a destination-worthy restaurant for this coveted crustacean.

Most of you know about boiling, steaming and grilling lobster, which methods everyone can do-it-yourself at home. But, Kay’s, inspired by French culinary arts, has decided to launch Lobster Thermidor, a gourmet meal that is seldom found on menus.

Gastronomic Lobster Thermidor Available In Kay’s

American Lobster, French Style - that will haunt your hunger daydream.

Rich and extravagant, Lobster Thermidor turns the flavour volume to eleven. While steaming and boiling are the two most common ways to cook lobsters for its freshness and natural juices, Boston lobsters prepared a la Thermidor, is a becoming flavour favoured by the Millenials for their sophisticated taste buds.

In preparing this dish, Kay’s innovates the process from the traditional French culinary arts and skills, which can be very tedious and time consuming.

The head chef makes the thermidor sauce separately using European cream, mushroom, egg yolks, shallots and special seasonings. He then put the thermidor sauce on top of the lobster that has been halved, and grated with parmesan and cheddar on top. Then lobster then broiled to golden brown in the oven.

Listen! Could you hear the crisp popping sound? Try slicing into the lobster flesh while it’s piping hot and see the natural juices of the meat ooze out along with the gooey molten cheese. Such delicious eye candy! Are you ready to savour this macho-looking lobster? I mean who could ever resist ooey-gooey cheese nestled on top of fresh lobster flesh? Not us!

Sample it with the clarified butter and experience the wonderful layers of flavour with superb texture on your tongue. Perfectness in every bite, Lobster Thermidor really shouldn’t be reserved only for special occasions.

The Strange History Of Lobster Thermidor

Despite being the love of the Millenials, Lobster Thermidor recipe is nothing new but has a long history traced back to 1894 instead. It is totally a tasty throwback to the past.

Popular in upscale restaurants during the early to mid-1920s, Lobster Thermidor was first prepared in Maison Maire, a Parisian restaurant. Since Maire was located near the theatre Comédie Française, this recipe was created by Leopold Mourier to honour the premiere of the play Thermidor by Victorien Sardou.

If you’re wondering who Mourier is, Mourier was a French chef who was formerly an assistant to Auguste Escoffier. While the play was named for the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar, this recipe is named in honour of the play.

Another interesting fact we bet you don’t know is that there is a National Lobster Thermidor Day existed. Since it was first served on January 24th as the premiere meal for the theatre, this date is marked and celebrated.

Pamper Yourselves With The Simplest Life Pleasure

Since the preparation of Lobster Thermidor is time-consuming, not many restaurants offer this on their menus. Even if they offer, this dish is often priced at an expensive rate. So if you're looking for delicious fresh seafood and one-of-a-kind experience and not afraid to get your hands dirty (literally), head over to Kay’s Steak & Lobster and start feasting!

Thinking about a perfectly prepared lobster? Who else is hungry after looking at this picture? You know where to get it, only at Kay’s! Why not have some today?

Best of all, every time you visit Kay’s, you will get 5% cashback from your total bill, which will be credited to your loyalty account. You can use this cashback on your subsequent visits. Make a reservation today to get a taste of our juicy and succulent Lobster Thermidor!


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