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Sizzling Hot Plate and My Experience with Kay’s Steak and Lobster Restaurant

In Kl, every new restaurant gets open to earn too much fame. Still, only a few restaurants sustain this fame by providing quality food and services. I’m the ultimate foodie, and I love to explore new restaurants in my nearest vicinity. I came across Kay’s steak &lobster restaurant by chance, and I thought to give it a try. I was a bit reluctant but thanked god it was my lucky day, and I had an enjoyable experience there. Let me share with you my experience as a foodie and a new customer at Kay’s.

What Did I Order from There Menu?

I was surprised by going through the menu as I was not expecting such a versatile menu. I was considering them as a typical lobster restaurant, but I was utterly wrong. They were offering a large variety of dishes such as steak, lobsters, prawns, burgers, and many more. I ordered the Sizzling hot plate as it includes a variety of sub dished. in my opinion, it as a wise choice and I can enjoy several dishes by ordering one platter.

What Is Sizzling Hot Platter?

The sizzling hot plate is a platter that is served with sub dishes like sizzling striploin, sizzling rib eye, sizzling NZ Lamb, and Sizzling Grilled Chicken Chop. The order was served within a short time, and I did not wait too long. The platter was looking so nice at first sight, and sizzling was increasing my appetite to the next level.

  • Sizzling Striploin

It was juicy, tender, and tasteful. It was exactly as same as I like to eat in my other favorite restaurants.

  • Sizzling Rib Eye

It was also beautifully presented and smells so nice. Perfect color and taste were urging me to eat more, but unfortunately, it was one rib eye.

  • Sizzling Nz Lamb

From lamb meat, I could judge how trained and professional their cook was. The meat was perfectly marinated before cooking as I could feel the taste of spices or marinade till the last bite.

  • Sizzling Grilled Chicken Chop

It was a perfectly grilled chicken chop with the right amount of spices or marinade. I was almost full, but I could not resist my elf to take a bite of this chicken chop.

Ambiance and Service Quality

Apart from food, the ambiance was excellent, and service quality was up to mark. I would highly recommend to visit Kay’s steak and lobster restaurant to enjoy a marvelous food experience. On my first visit, I was alone, but the second time, I accompanied by my family and some friends. They all were delighted and grateful to introduce them to such a lovely dining place.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you are allergic to some ingredient like wheat, seafood, milk, or any anything else must inform the customer services before placing orders. This will save both you and customer service from any unpleasant incident.

  • If you are with family or a bunch of friends, then make reservations first before visiting kay’s Steak and Lobster.

  • Don’t forget to share your customer feedback.


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