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Why Is Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk Steak So Scrumptious?

As I'm steak enthusiastic, so I love to explore more places and restaurants with tasty and juiciest steaks to satisfy my "steak cravings. "I have been visited various restaurants in Kuala Lumpur - some were good, and some were just ok, but no one was up to the mark in terms of delicious steak.

Recently I came to know about Kay's steak and lobster restaurant through my colleague. He was so much pleased by their services and quality of food. As an ultimate foody, I could not trust him without experiencing it. These were MCO days, so I decided to self-pick the order. I ordered Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk steak, and you would not believe that it was that steak that I was searching for years in kL.

What Is Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk Steak

  • Tomahawk is a prized steak cut with a bone in it. Apparently, it looks like a hand holding a sword. This cut is considered esthetically appealing in terms of presentation.

  • The Angus is a cattle breed, distinguished for its outstanding grazing quality, stable marbling, and enchanting flavour.

  • "Stanbroke" is a reputable cattle farm in Queensland distinguished for nurturing black Angus. they provide the fines meat by controlling every step of the production process.

These tomahawk steaks are made from the beef of Black Angus sourced from Stanbroke; that is why these are called Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk steaks.

Why Is Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk Steak So Delicious?

These steaks are delicious and appealing due to some following reasons

1. Made from Stanbroke Angus's Meat

The first and apparent reason is that these steaks are made from Stanbroke Angus's cattle beef. Angus's beef is extraordinarily marbled and deliciously flavoured. These Angus cattle are grazed on natural pastures and later fed with customized feed to achieve quality and consistent marble meat.

2. Specialized Grilling Technique

Kay's steak and lobster restaurant have a proficient team of chefs and cooking experts who have better to make the juiciest and delicious steaks. They also use the specialized grilling equipment instead of traditional and outdated grilling method, that's why steak doesn't lose its juices and marbling.

3. Superior Quality Halal Ingredients

They don't compromise on the quality of ingredients. They made their steaks with quality ingredients to provide you with exquisite taste. Their marinades, dry rubs, sauces, and dips all are sourced from halal-certified vendors/ suppliers. So feel relaxed, and don't worry about the ingredients, whether they halal or not.

4. Variety of Side Dished

They are offering a variety of side dishes with Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk steak. You can choose any one of them according to taste. I ordered coleslaw and fat chips with my steak and completely satisfied with the freshness and quality of coleslaw and thick chips.

Final Verdict

If you want to enjoy the most delicious and delectable Stanbroke Angus Tomahawk, then visit Kay's steak and lobster restaurant. Don't forget to reserve/ book your table in advance, due to COVID-19 they accomodating only advanced reservations. You can also relish this steak at home by using delivery at the home option from their website.


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