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How to Find the Best Tomahawk Steak Recipe?

Updated: Feb 24

If you are a steak freak/lover, then you are well aware of Tomahawk steak too. You must have tried many tomahawk steak recipes at different restaurants and steakhouses, and definitely some recipes you liked the most due to taste and striking presentation.

If you haven't tried Tomahawk steak in KL then you must give it a try at our Kay’s Steak and Lobster . This steak is very famous not only due to its taste and aroma but also has a spectacular look. It is absolutely delicious and one of the sophisticated and upscale dishes.

Why Did It Name as Tomahawk Steak?

It is a unique cut of beef ribeye with five or more inches of the extra rib bone. This extra-long bone serves better for presentation purposes. It's called a tomahawk steak cut because the steak with the five inches long bone looks like a single-handed axe. It also looks like a perfect meat lollipop at first glance.

This specific cut of steak is also known as the "cowboy steak" and sometimes as "bone-in ribeye at some steak houses.

What Is the Actual Size of Tomahawk Steak?

Tomahawk steaks are typically 2 inches thick. At some restaurants, the weight of steak varies between 1.2 to 2.5 kg. Actually, the size and weight of steak depend upon the size of the cow and how the butcher cut the ribeye. So size and weight can vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Why Is Tomahawk Steak Favorite of All?

These tomahawk steaks are creating a great buzz on the internet and also becoming the first choice of chefs and high-end restaurants. Well, they look different from the ordinary beef steaks that are usually available on steak houses and restaurants .Another thing is their beautiful presentation, which played an essential role in augmenting their market value. Tomahawk Steak is presented with veggies, sauces, onion rings lemon wedges and many more options.

Where You Can Buy Tomahawk Steak in Malaysia/KL

If you are in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and looking for perfect tomahawk steak, then come and visit kays steak and lobster. Here you can find the most visually impressive and sophisticated steaks as compared to any other local restaurant or steak house. We make Tomahawk steak exclusively form the meat of Australian Wagyu. Australian Wagyu is world-famous due to its perfectly marbled and appetizing beef.

Things to Keep In Mind

Remember these things while ordering the best steak in KL

  • Steak must be freshly prepared and not precooked.

  • Steak must not be drenched in third quality butter as it is practiced in mostly steak houses.

  • There must be pleasing aroma from the steak

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Tomahawk steak is the talk of the town, and everyone is asking for this steak to fix their craving. You can't find the best steak in KL (Kuala Lumpur) to satisfy your taste buds except us. For the sake of experience and comparison, you can go to other restaurants and ask for their best tomahawk steak recipe. You can feel the visible difference in the taste and quality which we are serving you. We understand your taste and passion for the exceptional quality food so pay a quick visit to us and experience another level of culinary perfection.


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